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Civil Service administrator

06/01/18 9:25
7 Applications
Job Type:
Full Time

  • using excellent customer service skills to deal with service users, for example, other civil servants, members of the public or other organisations;
  • interpreting and applying complex written information relating to policies and procedures;
  • managing and working efficiently with resources, often on a limited budget;
  • using communication skills, both oral and written, to explain often complex information to colleagues and members of the public;
  • achieving and delivering results within deadlines;
  • working quickly under pressure, often according to complex rules and procedures;
  • producing high-quality materials and reports;
  • helping to formulate and implement policies;
  • researching and carrying out analysis relating to particular areas of economic or political interest;
  • providing evidence, based on research, and delivering findings to senior staff members, which may eventually feed into future policy work;
  • taking an impartial interest in economic and political issues.


   All interested and qualified applicants should forward their BIO DATA, i.e full name,phone number, location,address,discipline and role applied for, to this phone number (08116782259) or forward a comprehensive resume/CV to the comment box provided or to the company e-mail address kolcrestservices(at)outlook(dot)com: email for urgent recruitment and must be willing to resume duty immediately.

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