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Energy engineer

06/01/18 9:27
4 Applications
Job Type:
Full Time

  • being part of designing, developing and building renewable energy technologies;
  • combining renewable energy production with existing power systems;
  • arranging new supplies and negotiating tariffs with fuel providers;
  • carrying out site inspections and energy surveys;
  • designing and selecting equipment;
  • using mathematical and computer models to complete design and specification calculations;
  • carrying out lab experiments and adapting them to large-scale industrial processes;
  • preparing detailed schedules of work, feasibility studies and cost estimates;
  • checking site and ground conditions for the installation of renewable technologies, such as wind turbines;
  • negotiating service agreements and managing associated costs and revenues;
  • liaising and negotiating with fuel providers, specialist contractors, geologists and other relevant organisations;
  • contributing to sustainable energy initiatives and researching new energy methods;
  • keeping up to date with legislation and environmental standards and making sure systems and processes comply;
  • monitoring new technologies or applications and developing performance indicators;
  • developing technical expertise in all matters to do with energy and environmental control.


   All interested and qualified applicants should forward their BIO DATA, i.e full name,phone number, location,address,discipline and role applied for, to this phone number (08116782259) or forward a comprehensive resume/CV to the comment box provided or to the company e-mail address kolcrestservices(at)outlook(dot)com: email for urgent recruitment and must be willing to resume duty immediately.

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