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Sales Supervisor

30/07/18 6:06
30 Applications
Job Type:
Full Time
Start Date:
18th May 2018

We are looking for a passionate sales supervisor who would act as the intermediary between the upper levels of management and the sales team, In most cases, policies, decisions and other important matters are decided at the higher levels. Therefore, it is the duty of the sales supervisor to make sure that such decisions or policies are implemented by the sales team. As a sales supervisor, his duties involved empowering and motivating his/her team.


       Attend trade shows to identify new services and products;

       Coach, train, counsel, recruit and discipline employees;

       Evaluate on-the-job performance of sales team;

       Identify future and current trends that appeal to consumers;    

       Ensure items are in stock and maintain inventory;

       Keep up with fluctuating demand and supply;

       Analyze financial and operating statements for profitability ratios;

       Ensure promotions are in with company’s standards;  

       Monitor local competitors;

       Organize sales staff schedules;

       Preside over staff meetings;

       Assist sales staff in achieving sales targets;

       Manage different departments in the store;

       Handle customer complaints, questions and issues.


       A Degree with emphasis on sales or marketing or business;

       Excellent selling skills, including closing ability, strong negotiation, as well as excellent people skills;

       Ability to multi-task;

       Minimum of one or two years sales experience;

       Excellent communication skills;

       Strong organization skills.

 Mode of Application

       All interested applicants must possess a minimum of HND/B.Sc in Marketing,Business Administration,Economics or in any other relevant field.Qualified candidates should their details to this email address: goodtrustresourses(at)gmail(dot)com


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